CITOZEATEC is a company founded in 2006 which uses “Industrial Biotechnologies to Sequential Enzymatic Conversions” and produces Food Supplements, as well as Biodynamic Modulators they are able to improve the enzymatic activities (Krebs Cycle, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Cycle of the Urea, etc.) fundamental for all cellular metabolisms.

The experience of more than thirty years about enzymology and biochemistry of the Head of Research & Development constitutes the know-how underlying the research that led to identify the enzymes and to develop both the enzymatic sequences and the particular reaction conditions. “Copying” the same biological sequences of the human cell, it was allowed to “build” the substrates that the cellular enzymes are able to recognize and to use to eliminate any antagonists in their active sites and be available again for the necessary enzymatic metabolic syntheses of the cell.

Researchers carried out by national and international universities, such as University of Tor Vergata (Rome – Italy), highlight several data that confirm the ability of Biodynamic Modulators to “communicate biochemically” with intracellular metabolisms. This helps to keep homeostasis (dynamics) of the organism in more or less compromised metabolic situations, or when energetic metabolic demand is high.